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GlobalAesthetic, previously operated under the trademarks of DermaGenesis and Skin Club, is an industry leader in Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness Science since 1999. At GlobalAesthetic, we are serious about Aesthetics and Wellness. Our team of Doctors are lead by Assoc Prof Dr Morthy, a renowned LCP certified Aesthetic Physician and Trainer. Being a perfectionist, your procedures are meticulously designed and are performed by Assoc Prof Dr Morthy. You can be assured a safe, effective and affordable Aesthetic experience at GlobalAesthetic. 

His professional achievements include:

  • Course Director for International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Head of Department for Aesthetic Academy Asia (
  • Founder of DermaGenesis Malaysia (
  • Founder of Skin Club Malaysia (
  • CEO of DAOS US (
  • Head of Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, MAHSA University
  • Lecturer for UCSI Masters in Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Associate Member of the American Society of Laser Surgery
  • Trainer for Medical Aesthetic Certification (MAC) Program
  • Founding President of Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (MSAM)
  • Awarded Diploma for Professional Achievements For Intellectual Progress, Oxford
  • Awarded (Honorary) Letter of Credentialing & Privileging (LCP), Malaysia
  • Awarded as “Member in Good Standing” by International Association of Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM)
  • Appointed to the Editorial Board & Organizing Committee Member of World Dermatology & Aesthetic Congress
  • Appointed to the Editorial Board of Acta Scientific
  • Appointed to the Editorial Board of Clinical Dermatology Open Access Journal
  • Honorary speaker for Korean Society of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Honorary speaker for PERDESTI, Indonesia and SWAM ID, Indonesia
  • Honorary speaker for World Aesthetic Dermatology Society, Peru
  • Honorary speaker for Society of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine (SAAARM), Malaysia
  • Key Opinion Leader and Trainer for Dysport (Malaysia), Decoria (Sweden), N-Finders (Korea) and Algeness (USA)