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At GlobalAesthetic, we take pride in being the industry leader for Aesthetic procedures. Our dedicated team of doctors will design a personalizedAesthetic Program for you by combining various procedures, ranging from Lasers to the famed Botulinium and Fillers. Your Aesthetic Program is meticulously tailored to suit your needs and lifestyle. Senior Practitioners will perform your procedure, while our Medical Director, Dr Morthy, a renowned Aesthetic Physician, Certified LCP trainer and Lecturer,will monitor your progress.

GlobalAesthetic, established in year 2000, has an impeccable record in performing thousands of Aesthetic procedures for various conditions and skin types. GlobalAesthetic is also a certified academic organization that coaches doctors and nurses in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. GlobalAesthetic has received several awards for its academic and clinical achievements, including from the International Association of Cosmetic Physicians, American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery and the prestigious Socrates Almanac Award from Oxford.

At GlobalAesthetic, you are assured a safe, effective and affordable Aesthetic experience.

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At GlobalAesthetic we are serious about your skin. We combine various procedures, ranging from Lasers to the famed Botulinium and Fillers, in order to provide you with a personalized Aesthetic Program, which will suit your needs and lifestyle. Our Laser Skin Rejuvenation procedure will give you a healthier, clearer and radiant skin, while our Botulinium and Filler procedures reduces facial lines, increases skin tautness and enhances facial features. Treatments are performed by certified Aesthetic Physicians, ensuring safe, fast and effective results.

Body Toning & Body Care


At GlobalAesthetic gives equal attention to the body as we do to the face. We offer several advanced solution to reduce localized fat, cellulite and stretch marks. Our Cryolipolysis Slimming Program is one of the most effective procedures to rid localized fatty tissue and cellulite. GlobalAesthetic Laser Skin Rejuvenation procedure helps to treat stretch marks, aging skin and sunspots over the neck, décolleté, arms and hand. GlobalAesthetic Cellulite Care procedures help to reduce the dimpling cellulite skin. Treatments are performed by certifed Aesthetic Physicians, ensuring safe, fast and effective results.

Permanent Hair Removal


GlobalAesthetic Trichology Care specializes in Laser Hair Removal as well as Hair Restoration procedures. Laser Hair Removal is done using the state of the art Alexandrite or Diode Laser, which are specifically designed for permanent hair removal in Asian skin. Hair Restoration is done at affiliated centers using Bio Fiber Implants or micrografts. Scalp rejuvenation, using Lasers and Pharmaceuticals, is useful to prevent scalp damage and premature hair loss. At GlobalAesthetic we believe healthy scalp gives healthy hair.

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GlobalAesthetic procedures are "straight to the point" with no frills and unnecessary cost GlobalAesthetic doctors are LCP certified Aesthetic Physicians Call us for a professional consultation from the comfort of your home You can schedule your appointment with us online At GlobalAesthetic, we never compromise on Client safety, that’s why we are based in hospitals We have an impeccable record of achievement for more than 20,000 cases in the last 15 years We are also an academic institution

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